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Tasha Hart was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. She has her Associates in Biblical studies with countless hours and years of research on the subject of Purpose. Her study on purpose includes practical steps to actually achieving your goals. She is the founder of Masterpiece Academy, which is based on these key steps and principles.

            Although finding your purpose can seem like a broad topic, Tasha has definitely found a way to assist many people in finding their unique purpose one piece at a time. She has consulted hundreds of people and groups on becoming non-profit organizations to include completing their paperwork to obtain their 501(c)(3) status. These organizations credit her with helping them not only achieve their purpose but serve others in purpose all over the world. Working along side these groups allowed her to consult on best practices for budgeting, governing, marketing and strategically promoting business goals.

            Tasha enjoys utilizing the arts to project visual understanding of the practical steps and concepts she shares in her speaking engagements, writing, workshops and special events. As an advanced communicator among her fellow Toastmasters, a group of speakers known Internationally she has been on many stages sharing valuable information. She is an award winning speaker and speech evaluator with skills in leadership that also lend a hand during her workshops.

            Currently Tasha has over five books published with more on the way. She is passionate about purpose and helping individuals connect their life experiences, skills, talents and knowledge with purpose in order to live and lead with success.

            Although originally from Indiana, Tasha now lives in Jackson, TN with her husband and children where she has enjoyed writing, speaking and creating art for over twenty years.

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